Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Addressing Capital with contempt ?

Not all but there is a class which feels proud in addressing capital with an amount of contempt. What could be the reason ? What wrong the capital does to them ? No harm actually. It is the capital only that forms the very root of prosperity in the world, it is the capital only that is behind all developmental activities as nothing is possible to do empty handed. Those very persons who advocate anti capital campaigns are themselves those who want money, more money, to lead a life of style. The political parties known the world over for their anti capital movement consist of highly well placed persons financially only with a smaller group of theirs left as an exception. What is it then which they condemn and criticise ? It is nothing but a sheer professionalism being used as a tool to boast of austerity as style of life and enjoy the same in an ample measure when they get a chance for it. Let the entire world be prosperous, let there be no poverty and let there be no sufferings on that count should be our slogan without hypocritically condemning the very means that can improve living conditions of the people.
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