Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Once bitten twice shy

Once bitten twice shy is the adage that applies to many a potential bloggers mainly those interested in monetized blogging. A blogger working hard, some of them remaining on the job indefatigably to secure a better page rank obviously with a view to attracting better avenues in money terms but then there is the role of Googles who are masters in callously slashing down the Rank the moment they come to know that the blog is a monetized one. Thanks to Izea's Real Rank that has come to the rescue of thousands of bloggers giving them a free and frank opportunity to measure their blog's status through Real Rank. This is the rating of the rank without any prejudice, reservation or any type of secret manoevring. Real Rank is virtually the saviour of the victims of Google's PR. The bloggers, once bitten twice shy as they feel, are for no other Page Rank but the one as RealRank.
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