Thursday, 29 May 2008

Pleasures of using a smart browser

Trivials look maga when they give the users the pleasures on functionality. I have been using Windows Explorer 7 taking it to be the best one. I tried a few other browsers for some change of taste but had to ignore them as I found them too cumbersome on usage. My programmer installed Flock on my laptop and I had a test drive. Thrilled, I found it full of several features which not only looked like a novelty to me but abundantly equipped with elaborate features enabling use of several web sites at a time with various links which are particularly required while writing up a blog post. Every thing is available at one compacted place and one need not go for a large scale scrolling getter certain tables lost in the process. For bloggers, as I am one, this browser is fully compatible to their needs and requirements. I certainly feel like finally switching over to it.
Blogged with the Flock Browser
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