Monday, 5 May 2008

Snoring is a health hazard

Snoring is normally taken merely as something like an irritation hardly realising that it could be a serious health hazard at a later stage. It is infact a signal alarming about something worse to occur sooner or later. The main reason behind the slow moving ailment is that the patient hardly realises it as it only seldom happens that the person concerned is able to hear his/ her own snorings. This is actually for the friends and family members to take notice of it for the needful whenever they come across it. It is a signal of bad heart condition. Not necessary that this could be a cardiac ailment but it could certainly be remotely noticeable beginning of it. It is never advisable to take it jokingly. Bad stomach conditions also contribute in worsening it. Noticed in time, precautions applied, this ailment doesn't require any hospitalisation. It can well be taken care of by resorting to a regular exercise and yoga on an indigenous pattern without much of any rigorous schedule for the purpose. Precautions for the purpose are much more effective and running helter skelter from doctor to doctor to secure medical treatment may not be necessary. Precaution is better than cure, it is said, and that holds good in many a cases of casual disorder in the body system including minor irritants like snoring.

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