Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Enemies of humanity

Some bomb blast or the other in some part of the world or the other is no more any sort of an unusual news. One news you come across, soon the other one follows. Latest being a most powerful explosion in Jaipur (India) claiming dozens of lives on the spot, the victims being innocent children, women and men with a colossal loss to the property. Who are these people indulging themselves into such activities ? Are they themselves not humans ? If they are, why they do take lives of others for granted ? A terrorist when asked as to why he targetted other fellow humans for killing, his answer was that his Allah wants him to do this. Allah is the creator. He is not the killer. It is the man who himself is a killer and to justify his heinous activity he brings Allah into picture. Satanic conceits of this type lead to annihilation bringing dooms day closer with total devastation of humanity on earth when the very killers shall be no exception to survival. What type a world the killers conceive where there is no human element left to survive. Why the killer satans can't realise that it is universal brotherhood that makes life on earth worth living as against the ghastly killing spree that puts existence of earth sans humanity. Compassion and not the cruelity, love and not the hatred, brother hood and not the enmity are the supreme components which are immanently integral to a world that survives forming eternity.

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