Saturday, 17 May 2008

What an exploitation it was

Polygamy, the custom that prevailed at a large scale in the past for centuries and is still operating in somewhat a subdued form, is the one hardly knowing any parallel when it comes to exploitation of women on sex. Kings, Rajas, Maharajas had it as a routine custom meant for royal incumbents. Wajid Ali Shah, one of the greatest Nawabs of Oudh, had a limitless number of his concubines of which 100 were selected as his especially chosen ones for whom a building with the same number of elegantly furnished suites still stands in Lucknow by the side of Baradari. This building is now in a dilapidated condition but stands a witness to amount of exploitation perpetrated on women folk. A great communist leader occupying the status of Head of the State in China had a fancy for sexual pleasantries with every day changed group of girls. Even when his masculine capacity was feigning in his later years of life, he continued the practice to test his performance. What a torture it might have been for those girls getting aroused on physical union and then getting nothing but frustration. Our mythological books are full of such stories where the gods and the kings are described with having several hundreds of wives for them. Lord Krishna had a thousand wives. Now that there is enough of awareness on this count amongst the people but the practice still continues with a minor difference that tendency for such an exploitation is much reduced in degree. The polygamist and their sycophants might have had their own reasons to offer as arguments for their polygamous activities in several ways like the one that for them it was a traditional custom to practice it but there can be nothing to justify a man exploiting a woman or say women to satisfy his lust.

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