Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Myths on Yoga

Known as an ancient Vedic theme to keep and retain physical vitality, yoga has been in practice for thousands of years and is currently most popular a tool for a better health. There are aasanas (body postures) prescribed for varying modes of requirement that differ from person to person. These are the postures apparently looking much different than what they actually are. A viewer seeing a person practising a particular posture just goes through the movement of the body with hardly realising that the intensity with which they are performed is not visible. Yoga is the science of concentration coupled with meditational pursuit. Say for instance, you go for a breathing exercise (anulom, vilom, pranayaam) starting with taking deep breath releasing the same with repetition but mentally you don't feel free and there are lot many hoverings working in your brain, your practice goes a waste and you are not able to derive the required benefit of it in physical terms. If the same very practice is there with a well settled mind away from tension and irritations, it tangibly gives a bigger advantage. So is the case with other youga exercises. The basic difference between a normal physical exercise like atheletes do and the one that is performed with the discipline of yoga is that of rigour and smoothness. Yoga is not at all for any rigorous mode of exercise, its emphasis is always on harmony and smoothness compatible to the overall body system and capacity.

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