Wednesday, 7 May 2008

The architect who committed suicide!

A great magnificient building as it is from architectural angle, the central complex of Sampurnanand University at Varanasi is not only a tourist attraction but equally a favourite spot for research scholars who throng there to collect and verify various aspects and background of it. This was, as it is said, constructed as per instructions from Queen Victoria. The very college known as Queen's College was first of its kind at Varanasi.20071128164538 Sanskrit was introduced there as a primary language. The building where Sanskrit University functions is the one that came up afterwards. An English engineer of prominence was given the task of constructing this building who most committedly performed his job seeing to it that there is no noticeable a flaw left in the total project. The building when it was completed was a great attraction in the city. Viewable in the picture from different angles, the picture is obviously to look much better if there are no steel fencings around it. The saying goes that one of the visitors, the one from a village, passed a remark seeing the building that it was bound to have water logging on the floors particularly during the rainy season for the reason that there was not the desired height given to the plinth level of it. The plinth should have been raised to a level of atleast a few inches more, he renarked. The engineer realising that the remark so made was every inch correct and that it was an unpardonable lapse on a distinguished engineer like him that a minor sort of constructional requirement was not followed by him. This led him to commit suicide out of shame and humiliation.

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