Tuesday, 6 May 2008

A mini market with a maga style

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These are the days when high tower market complexes are gigantically coming up to house different stores/ shops particularly the ones managed by big brands. New styles, novel service patterns with ultra modern tools to attract visitors and customers. This mode of marketing facilitation is the result of a large scale research work done for the purpose but there are certain old examples which are more customer friendly. There is a village adjoining Nainital. There is a small market there where routine usables, food items and drinks are available not only meant for the locals but for the visitors too. The most interesting feature of this market is that the shops are hardly manned. Excepting barely a few, you will not notice any person monitoring the sale. All items have a price tag explicitly denotive of a moderate rate. Select your item, see the tag, pay for it placing necessary currency at the counter and leave. No bargain, no chasing, no fight on rates. If you feel like taking a cup of coffee or feel like going for a cold drink, select your item, pay and leave the bottle there itself. The task is over in just a simpler form. For coffee there is sugar available separately, even sugar free for diabetics, and if you have a mind to add a rich flavour to it you can make additions at your choice. Every transaction is based on the theory that if customers are allowed to behave themselves at their own they wou'nt indulge into any dishonest dealing and the reports are that never any instance of a buyer behaving hanky panky adopting dishonest measures has come to light. The inbuilt touch of close rapport between the customer and the dealer is a great satisfying experience. Surely the present day maga stores look much miniatured compared to these mini dealers so far as the element of cordiality is concerned.

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