Sunday, 18 May 2008

Be not coy !

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An English poet penning down his view points on romance gave a message to the lovers telling ' not coy', when age permits 'go and marry'. I don't remember full text of his poem except these few broken words but I quite remember this was the poem elaborately covering the pangs of seclusion one suffers from when in love with some one. Those might have been the days when love deals were not travel distances of the nature as they do now, exchange of looks, dating, romancing and live together not necessarily marrying each other. Earlier during the days of the poet, if love had to mature to something physically tangible it was possible only when it culminated to the bond of marriage and nothing like leading a full fledged sex life telling the world that it was just friendship and not at all something else beyond that as the practice obtains now. In those old days of typical social compulsions, this poet was bold enough to say that if there is something like love between two persons, more so in physical terms, there was no reason for them to sit idle helplessly, rather it was all the more necessary for them to see that their love culminates to a maturity point which was possible only when their marriage took place. It plainly gives a message that the love has all along been the same in kind and character with only modalities differing from time to timeRomemeoJuliet. The instinctive propensity, intensity, anxiety and excitement are eternally the same on love front irrespective of varying social orders operating in particular locations and zones. A significant aspect of this poem referred to above in the form of broken links by picking up a word here and another there is that it no where support lust as against love. Suggesting certain modalities of materialisation of love, the poet took enough of care to see that love is not a phenomenon to get maligned, it is supposed tobe chaste, honest and eternal.

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