Friday, 9 May 2008

Maintaining a car

It is not that difficult to acquire a car and what is really difficult is to maintain it. There is no dearth of people who are rich enough to afford purchasing any model at any price tag but there are persons for whom it is a life time possession. It is entirely a different taste to keep one and maintain it. Often there are old car rallies organised and they make a grand show on road. It's a Ford, a Land Master or a Baby Austin, their look, style and the make is captivating. How come they could keep their elegance even after passage of a long period? The reason is simple. They were maintained well by their ownersMINICAB all these years with a meticulous upkeep protecting them against usual wear and tear which otherwise could have eroded their body causing a shabby look with yawning gaps here and there. True, they are not at all fuel friendly for the obvious reason that when they were born there were no necessary technologies developed on fuel consumption. Moreover, these were the days when the cars were acquirable supposedly by the reach people only and they were the ones who had nothing to bother on consumption rate. Now that fuel economy is there as a result of technological improvements on that count and that their availability is sumptuously convenient due to mushrooming of dealers in vehicles with tough competition amongst themselves acting as a source in reducing the prices, even a common man can afford going for it. Old or new, in both the cases maintenance is the factor that significantly matters. An old car maintained properly looks always better compared to a newest possible one that is not cared with a personalised attention.

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