Tuesday, 13 May 2008

A gift or a curse ?

An announcement that dealing in wine is considerably relaxed and that necessary age bar for its purchase, sale and other forms of usage till now fixed at 25 is relaxed to 21 by the government at New Delhi is a gestured gift to youngsters as the managers behind it are trying to publicise. What a message it carries to the people is the question. Delinquency needs a tackling, tackling to the extent that there is elimination of every day growing indiscipline on the part of youngsters in majority. It is all done in the name of freedom but a free styled freedom may not lead the current generation to any positive level in the Wine 067 society. True, there are several other states in the country who lowered the age for this purpose even to the extent of 18. This sort of competition is for what ? Except mobilising votes, it is difficult to locate a valid reason behind this. Country like China once had to tackle a gigantic problem like addiction for opium on the part of their people in general. They had a will to eradicate the menace and they ultimately saw to it that it was fully overcome. Nothing to deny that certain vices are there continuing from generation to generation for several decades mainly including use of wine, a factor responsible for ruining many a lives, many a families. If relaxations are showered on the people like this, it only leads to corrupting the society in graver proportions. This is a problem where restrictions and not the relaxations work.

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