Sunday, 4 May 2008

Visiting abode of a ghost

Just a few kilometer away from Nainital, there is an abandoned sort of a place called 'Bhoot Bangla'. During my visits to Nainital on numerous occasions I ventured to take a trip to this place with a dilapidated building standing as a witness to several mishaps that occured there. The stories that many a visitors had to face the wrath of the ghost in many ways, thrashing, beating and even killing, are a common narrative offered by the limited few locals there. This building was originally meant for being used as an observatory by the British during their rule in the country. An engraved script denoting different geographical locations of important places nearby is still visible in a dormant form on a raised platform. I wanted to stay there for the night but was not allowed by the security. What could be managed as a special case for me was the permission to remain there till late hours in the evening as against the normal practice of vacating the site latest before sun set. Waiting till late hours was of no result and I was to return when all of a sudden the lights were gone, there was a big thunder and it looked like the volcanic storm with a mountain of dust blocks was to engulf us and swallow. I asked my men not to abandon courage and patience and face whatever was to come our way. Turbulence continuing for a few minutes, every thing subsided. The locals told me that but for the reason that it was a crowd of men with me the situation was bound to prove fatal otherwise.

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