Sunday, 4 May 2008

Human Power

Coming across an opportunity that allows several hands to join together forming a powerfull strength is in itself so thrillingIMG_0016 and all of us obviously owe a gratitude to Social Spark who most innovatively gifted us such an interesting channel. A hand joining the other forming an ongoing chain of links and thus rising to a level of focusable object of joint power. Propensity wise, humans have all along been having a tendency to hanker for sharing their thoughts, emotions, feelings with other fellow beings and there lies their taste. Such a taste is never relishable by visiting a departmental store and make a purchase, this is possible only when like minded people join together, exchange their views amongst themselves with their expressions on their choice subjects through their blog posts. My experience in dealing in human relations for a long time tells me that this is a best platform to sort out the issues of any nature with mutual understanding and rapport. What Social Spark has provided is capable of virtually acting as dias for such expressions and writers/ readers like us can very well make best use of it on their choice topics. Like I have chosen 'human power' as the theme for expression, any one can do so going by their liking and taste.

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