Saturday, 31 May 2008

Parodied precepts

Sermons carry weight, more so in religious context, precepts including those with rhymes are important and they are in vogue for ages. Some thing that becomes a routine is always prone to forming a ritual and rituals in course of time are more prone to assuming a professional angle or say a practice with commercial considerations. In turn these very commercial considerations start diverting from their originality taking the shape the viewers want it which only means giving them a modern most colour and impact. This is what is rampant presently with Gods and Goddesses caricatured to suit the audience with the result that they are transformed to the level of gimmiks. Sermon pronouncers adopt all sorts of tactics to woo the audience in any religious congregation. Looks like parodying the scriptures. Much away from grace, the total show grows to vulgarity as if in the materialism dominated society everthing including religion is nothing but a commercial deal.
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