Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Cut them not, they are your life line

The trees, the plants, the bushes are not merely to form greeneries. They are virtually the basic life line for the beings on earth particularly the humans. Their devastation at the rate it is going on is bound to prove ultimately fatal for the mankind. Environmentalists talk about it, governing channels boast of having got necessary statistics to prove that a lot has been done to stop tree felling and even religious preachers lay so much of emphasis on protecting greeneries but results are just otherwise. Tree cutters and wood mafias are roaming free to cause any amount of devastation. Forests are reduced to almost a nullity. It appears that whatever measures, taken or not taken, are highllighted are nothing more than a publicity 20071128170402 measure. They are more a ritual than reality. There was, and is operating still at many a places in rural areas, a system, nay a custom, to plant a significant number of trees digging a well by their side. The well was treated as a bride groom and cluster of trees as a bride. Their marriage was solemnised in a grandest possible manner with large number of people from the nearby villages assembling there with all funfare. Both the well and the cluster of trees were treated as a newly wed couple drawing a measurefull focus from all and sundry. All this matured to a situation that made an adequate supply of water and greenery not only to the local populace but equally to the animals. What a graceful method of service it was! Why the current incumbent generation can't take a lesson from such a practice? Customs and rituals like this were afterall practised for a cause only. The cause it served holds every inch good for the present and equally for the times to come and there is no reason why it can't be persued. Such a need is infact much more now in view of large scale pollution and several hazards to environmental balance. You cut a tree, you infact kill a life, the life that gives life to others. There are mythological references containing warning signals that this shall be the Doom's Day if there comes a stage when there are no greeneries on earth. It is never too late to mend and better it is for the present generation to get awakened atleast now onwards.

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