Thursday, 8 May 2008

Compromising basic cause on merry makings

20071201102832 Sometime back I attended a function as one of the mai

n guests at Mumbai. It was a grand function organised by a local trade union organisation of national level in Banking Industry. It was full of merry making events on the stage with various cultural programmes covering dance, drama, acrobatics and even robust romantic displays. With a deep anxiety and curiousity I was waiting for seeing something of workers interest highlighting their issues in relation to their working conditions, welfare, superannuation benefits and some such announcements talking of what was the latest in the industry. I got deluded as nothing of this sort emerged and the show was over. It is not that the trade unions, their leaders, their followers are in any manner deprived of enjoying merry making events but the question is whether such activities are allowed to supercede the basic points. Any organisation or forum resorting to and concentrating at extravagantly extraneous areas of jubilations, at times in a loose order, at the cost of basic issues only causes a doubt on bonafides of their mission as such.

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