Friday, 9 May 2008

An evening in a park

Strolling, I entered a local park. Noisy scenes, various cricket teams playing the game in different parts of the park quarelling amongst themselves on some point or the othercricket 033. Various groups, couples, singles sitting in free postures taking positions on their selected locations. Singles, all of them, attentively engrossed in talks over their mobile phones, a most convenient device to talk any thing on earth. My preference is normally to go to a desolate place for walk like opting to visit Thomas Hardy's Egdon Heath, an abandoned solitary location sprawlingly spread over a big area of land where there is none to disturb or even interrupt to exchange greetings. The instant case was a different one but was enough to give me a chance to study the latest scenario obtaining for the society as a whole much against old days when there was hardly any thing available to the boys beyond Kabaddi. Some say, possibly rightly so, that today's cricket is a refined version of Kabaddi only -there the bone of contention lay with the boundary frames resulting into one to one fight as against the cricket where ball is the central point for it. But fight was there, fight is here too as fight is after all an integral part of human system. I had to move around with security precautions in mind as those engrossed in talking over their mobiles are known to lose their temper on any passerby who, as they are prone to feel, disturbs them even in a slightest possible manner as these talks are in most of the cases not the business talks but a large scale romance dialogue. Tired of seeking escapes against being branded as an intruder, I had to retreat, get back home to interact with my laptop, my great companion.

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