Sunday, 11 May 2008

Mobilising readership

Write and be read is a normal desire. Any one who writes fondly cherishes an ambition of being read by largest possible number, one who sings wants the entire world to listen to him, one who delivers a speech desires to be heard by the people with rapt attention. Marketing people want their brands tobe gone through by the potential customers at a massive scale with the difference that what is of more of interest to them is tangibility of reading even without a rapt attention. Advertising is the most powerful tool in marketing and this focuss is now being significantly diverted to blogging channel. Bloggers, with certain exceptions, may not get the required level of readership unless they rub their nose to a fullest possible measure. I believe in natural readership. Not necessary that I just get it. I am not at all for artificial readers knowing fully well that it is not practical. Popular themes like robust sex are found doing so well where I am the one miserably failing to compromise as I take love as serene and not as an object of obscenity. While surfing various other blogs I find that many of them are two liner posts or a tiny photograph but they are the ones that attract readers, get a good rank and better grade. I am yet to understand the secret of it. May be such a successful trick of the trade is not the cup of every body.

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