Monday, 26 May 2008

Never tired of giving false assurances

Soaring prices ? Government of India says they will control it. Rising inflation ? They say they are to check it soon. Law and order situation ? Their clarification is to confirm that it has improved much compared to the past. You name any problem, prompt is their reply that it is receiving due attention. What is visible on the surface is just contrary to what they are talking. Farmers, victims of unemployment, women raped in full public view, are committing suicide besides those starving to death for want of food. The plenty of assurances given by the powers that be are meant for whom ? They could be meant for a particular class of society including themselves but certainly not for the common man in the country. Truth is not what it actually means, truth is the one that they define from time to time to match their work style. Some political heavy weight is denied security on the ground that he is not entitled to it as per norms. The next day the guy gives a sweitch over to his loyality directing it to those who are bosses to grant security or additional security and the fellow is provided Z+ security by redefining the earlier truth.Are they not corrupts of worst order whose ethics on their behaviour doesn't remain the same it was a few hours back.

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