Monday, 5 May 2008

Autocracy of democracy champions

Have heard herds of people chanting '...for the people, by the people, of the people...' defining democracy. Nice to hear like this. Nicer it is when you see it implemented which factor is a rare commodity with those very people who do such chantings. Monarchy in Nepal is almost a gone phenomenon and the process to replace it by a government of the 'people' is nearly complete. Now that the stories are taking new shapes, there are every now and then reports that the process of retaliation and revenge is equally operating in a bigger measure. This operation is let loose by those very people who have been branding their movement till now as the peoples voice. One report says that in a village called 'Anga' in rural areas of Nepal, water supply is completely stopped, stopped by the 'people' and ofcourse for the people. Their crime was that the people in the village did not vote for the now rulers to be Maoists, they actually voted against them. The climax of the problem is that the poor villagers are rebuked, thrashed and threatened for further dire consequences if they continue raising the issue. It is a sheer revenge knowing no bounds, a revenge normally supposed to be unbecoming of those who never get tired of preaching the virtues of democracy. Autocrats are there and so are the dictators too and if they are the ones who never hide their identity as such there is nothing much wrong in it as it all can be construed as a matter of their conviction. Worse it is if the atrocities on the people are perpetrated by the pleaders of peoples cause themselves. This is what is happening in Nepal. Such a heinous type of hypocrisy amounting to barbaric treatment to the people as a matter of revenge deserves nothing but an all out condemnation. If you believe in terror mongering, better it is for you to stop wearing 'for the people' robe candidly confessing that you are actually not for them but for a loot and torture on them.

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