Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Inhibitions against Insulin

Diabetics use lot many drugs and also insulin to take care of their ailment. Herbal medicines for the purpose have been in use for hundreds of years, the oldest users of herbal medicinal devices being India and China. Allopathic system came much afterwards but became popular for its instant impact but it did and does suffer from causing side effects. Insulin virtually acts like replacing the natural system unless ofcourse one grows immune to this therapy. Although insulin is an effective tool of keeping sugar level of a diabetic patient to a normal level depending on the way the total system is monitored, it is no treatment for the disease in the long run. Its quality lies ofcourse on the fact that it more result oriented compared to tablets and capsules. The other important aspect is that variations in dosage can very well be made in a balanced manner reducing or increasing the intake quantity according to the need. Cost apart, the other reason responsible for comparatively a lower demand of insulin by the patients is that repeated pinches cause so much of inconvenience and at times pain too. If the patients are patient enough to tolerate a pinch or two in a day ignoring their inhibitions against it, insulin, preferably human insultin, is much better a remedy to successfully face the most problematic a disease as diabetes is.

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