Sunday, 11 May 2008

Why English ?

Using English language or any language for whatever be the purpose is obviously always supposed to be  in order with an accurate usage of spelling, punctuation, style and tone and tenor. It is after all a question of capacity. All can't afford doing it with a meticulous adherence to what is a normal expectation. OK, no problem, let it not be done but what about those who volunteer themselves to resort to twisted versions of words to suit their own tongue and type. One of my blog readers while giving her comment on my post on Prithviraj Chauhan on another website (Wordpress) asked '...when he was dad'. Initially I failed to make out any meaning out of it but realised a little later that she wanted to know as to when he died. I replied. Another question on the same topic but in another post of mine was if Sanyokta had so much of 'licking' for Prithviraj Chauhan since beginning. My goodness. Licking in those days ? It was a Doom's day if there was any thing of this sort at a time when any woman even if she happened to be a princess resorted to a noticeable love making to that extent. What was meant by her question was simply this much that whether Sanyokta had so much of liking for her love mate right from the beginning. Liking in plain terms is an indication of choice but licking is an intense form of activity while engrossed in physical romantic activities. Language, I mean any language, claims respect and miserable twist of its words amounts a sheer disrespect.

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