Thursday, 8 May 2008

Practice of contrasts

Believers in truth tell lies, preachers of non violence act as killers, masters of ethics indulge into unethical activities, moral monitors are found involved in immoral acts, advocates of simple living are found drowned deep in luxuries and the total cycle of such a routine in the society is not a product branded today, it has been there right from the time the very civilisation was born. I visited a Budha monastery and had a talk with the attending monks and the bhikshus. Before I interrupted them, they were actually quarrelling on some trifling matter which soon assumed a graver proportion when one of them pickedup a stone blowing it hard on the head of the other one resulting into profuse bleeding. My men intervened and the fight stopped with their angry postures continuing. I asked the monk who attacked the other fellow of his as to why he indulged himself into such violent activities being a Budhist. His reply was that he was a Baudh no doubt but it was not to mean that he was not to fight for his self respect. The reply was shocking but quite revealing in the sense that basic tendency on the part of the humans is that of a beast and whatever apron they wear in the name of a religion or a creed is just secondary.Non violence prohibits killings and any non veg food is not possible without it. Majority of Budhism followers are non veg people only. Possibly there is hardly any exception where a culture or creed is followed without contraditing its own frame of ethics and rules.

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