Friday, 30 May 2008

Cycle of research

There is a topic about which you don't know any thing. Better. But then you know something of it. OK, no problem. Then you start learning more about it. There the cycle of a varying knowledge on the subject starts. Truths, half truths and manufactured truths start pouring in. We heard and read about Shakespeare in our childhood. A great playwriter, a great man indeed. Our curiousity to know and read more about him led us to come across the a newly revealed theory that as a result of research that whatever is the work recognized as from Shakespeare  was not his own, it was some one else and Thomas Balsingham was quoted to be the real writer in the background. Several such stories emerged. Now if the media version is to be relied upon, Shakespeare was not a male but female. They say it was Amelia Bassano Lanier in Elizabethan, London, who disguised herself as Shakespeare trying to get her works published (Reference -a news item in Times of India of date). The readers chronically interested in the playwright must be feeling confused and so am I. We felt alright knowing Shakespeare in a limited manner and these new theories are only spoiling our curiousity on him.
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