Saturday, 3 May 2008

Mobilisation or blackmail ?

Growing popularity of blogging as a writers friendly device with necessary communicative tools necessitates bloggers to have a proper website preferaby their own without depending upon a particular host. Lot of competition amongst dealers in websites ofcourse like it happens in any mode of trade. Marketing so much demands mobilisation on which there are every day developing new tools focussing expertise. Looks interesting when there is neck to neck fight on acquiring more number of customers. Worse is no doubt a situation when mobilisation process is reduced to blackmailing the customers. Most common being on this count is clicking the consent to debit the buyers credit card. Infact a customer consenting to debiting his card is not a right type of payment mode. Most often it is misutilised by the dealers. In one instance, a buyer lured by the dealers offer of one month's free trial clicked his consent for necessary debit to his card thinking that it is to happen only after one month by which time this shall be quite feasible for the buyer to ascertain and verify angle of the functionality. What he could at the outset itself locate was that the website so offered was not compatible to accepting other website by way of transfer. He immediately cancelled the tentative registration. Getting annoyed the dealer threatened him not to accept the cancellation unless necessary telephic dialogue with them was there. Why this dialogue? There was nothing like this at the time of tentative registration. Telephonic contact didn't materialse due to faulty connectivity with the result that the customer is bound to suffer the tension of suspense. Such type of a dealing is a crude type method which might have been in practice in the past but in today's world it is just irrelevant and abnoxious. Mobilisation OK but any amount of coercive method only amounts to highly an unfair conduct on the part of the dealers.

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