Friday, 9 May 2008

Quitting with disgrace

K.P.S.Gill had to call it a day in hockey but it was not voluntarily opted by him, it was actually slapped on him. How graceful it was if it had been done willingly by him. Gill is not an ordinary figure as he was the one who created history by virtually eliminating militant terrorists in Punjab. There are many who say that it was not that much Gill who acted as a saviour of common people in Punjab against every day occuring atrocities and tortures by terrorists but his predecessor. Yes, the role his predecessor played as a police chief was the real base established by him to restore normalcy in the state but the way it was taken over and implemented by Gill was exemplary in itself bringing laurels, and reasonably so, to him and equally to the state he served. The grace, the reputation, the recognition and an overall image he acquired in his role in eliminating terrorism looks now sidelined in view of the posture of reluctance on his part in accepting a sort of public verdict in favour of his quitting the post of Indian Hockey Federation President. His stature demanded a graceful goodbye which unfortunately did not happen. The very citadel of Hockey right from the days of legendary Dhyan Chand, whose extraordinary performance was a matter of envy even for a dictator like Adolf Hitler, has been a prestige banner for the country but the setback it suffered during incumbency of Gill in his capacity as top man of the Federation is much sadly a bitter experience for the hockey lovers.

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