Thursday, 22 May 2008

Signing up for Social Spark

Sighning up with Social Spark was a pleasant adventure and I did it realising fully well that it is a treasure house of opportunities, a flood gate of bumper scope to those who aspire for tangible results in their work, be they bloggers or be they advertisers. Factually speaking I did have some reservations before signing for it only to realise later that if I had missed it it was much bigger a slip on my part depriving me of so rich a world of interactionability, a source where all are there available on one composite platform, the writers/bloggers, the advertisers and the viewers. No better a place for advertisers than Social Spark as it is here where they get a largest possible community to recognize and accept their products and similarly no bigger a platform for the bloggers to harness themselves in popularising various brands of the advertisers. Advertisers reaching Social Spark to market their products and bloggers working for them is the activity combination that leads to perfect results. With IZEA being its parental root and media components like ZOOKODA, Social Spark is abundantly capable of providing all necessary avenues and tools in marketing.
HARD TASK MASTERS: With a view to discipline the total activities involved, Social Spark are hard task masters when it comes to ignoring the well laid down norms so prescribed by them in the interest of both the advertisers and the bloggers. May be the technicalities they so meticulously adhere to sounds at times irritating and unwanted but once a dispassionate view with reasoning in mind is taken, the very doubts disappear on realising that all this exercise on the part of Social Spark is done to keep the interest of advertisers and bloggers as upper most. They are not just like several business tycoons interested in money only, their interest lies more in the welfare of the community they serve.SocialSpark
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