Thursday, 22 May 2008

Interpreting honesty

What honesty stands for ? Is it the action one commits or it is the way a person thinks ? Thinking activity wise is the physical performance but what counts more materially is the way one thinks for his actions, his mental attitude or say aptitude. Bhagwat Geeta prescribes that honesty is not the factor that is measured in terms of activities alone, the very bent of mind of the performer is the real factor. It says with reference to sex that a person who abstains from sexual activity but remains engrossed with the thought of it is indulging himself/ herself in such an activity in the same measure as a person could have done the same in physical terms. Celibacy is not just refraining from sex, it is practised better if the concerned person makes it possible to keep off the temptation for it mentally too. So is the case with several other modes of activity say for instance theft. Committing theft or for that reason any other casual slip or doing that sounds unethical or antisocial is not that serious as it is when it forms a propensity in that direction. There is the kind of the people who apparently don't think bad of others or malign them with prejudice or hatred but thinking wise they only have ill will and contempt for others in general. They are really the most dishonest persons. To behave honest for the sake of image but go crooked at the first available opportunity is an act of dishonesty of worst order.

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