Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Mobile users -a note of caution

Mobiles have since taken the society by storm and it looks like there is no life without mobiles. There are some chronic users who keep it close to their chest even when they go for sleep. You fix your gaze in any direction, some mobile user are the other is invariably there talking to some one with mobile clung to her/ his ears intensely engrossed in conversation. Mobile is most useful a communicational tool no doubt but there is limit, as it is in all cases, to this and those going beyond that are inviting trouble to themselves. One study on the subject says that rashes by the side of ears on the face are a common feature which ultimately culminate to baldness and loss of hearing capacity followed further by skin and ear infections. This is not something which can't be minimised reducing the talking time to a level the body system accepts. Business talks are a different matter but unfettered gossips can very well be restricted to reasonable limit to avoid various health hazards.
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