Friday, 10 April 2009

Shoe slinging -a fanatics frenzy

After a journalist slapped a shoe on George Bush getting sumptuous rewards from many quarters, the activity has quite assumed much bigger a popularity. It's a highly rewarding an incentive for the seekers of popularity and money. The latest victim being the Home Minister of India, P.Chidambaram in the hands of another journalist Jarnail Singh from Dainik Jagran. It is a different matter that he regretted the incident and Chidambaram was great enough to pardon him insisting that no criminal proceedings be initiated against him which he otherwise very much deserved. You spit on some body's face and regret but the act remains and so does the insult to the victim. After all this is not the arena of freedom of speech, this is most unbridled an approach to communicate one's feelings and sentiments. None has any better scope of expression than the Press whose machinery is vast enough to give the issues any amount of coverage limitlessly. Why then a journalist, or any one for that purpose, should resort to such an ugly measure of forcing his message. Possibly it is not the message that forms a concern, the hidden item on agenda is to elicit public attention and money. Although Jarnail Singh has announced that the amount of 2 lakhs of rupees he is receiving as a reward for the unholy act is to be spent towards the cause of 1984 anti sikhs riot victims, this by itself can't be construed as a pertinent excuse against most unpardonable an act of slapping shoe(s) on the face of some body, a VVIP or even a commoner. Law is there to take care of a Tytler or a Sajjan Kumar or whosoever involved and there is no cogent a reason as to why a journalist, out of all the persons, should indulge into such an acrobatics for trivially cheap gains.

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