Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Literary giant Vishnu Prabhakar is no more !

Dayal was his original name given by the family but he became Vishnu Prabhakar  after he acquired degree of Prabhakar in Hindi. The highest recognition offered to him was 'Padma Vibhushan'. Aged 97, he initially responded well to medical treatment but his condition deteriorated and he breathed his last in the hospital on Friday the 10th April. His was a household name in literary areas after he wrote 'Awara Masiha'. He wrote number of books including a biography on Sharad Chand but 'Awara Masiha' was his masterpiece. The story, the cult, the style adopted in 'Awara Masiha' became a routine background for others particularly those in film making but when it was written it was just a novelty and every inch original, more so as it was iconoclastic in the sense that it touched and dealt with the areas of human behaviour which till then were considered as socially forbidden laden with a reaction of disdain. Vishnu Prabhakar was a pace setter in that sense bold as he was in bringing out the real manifestation of human sentiments. His death is a colossal loss to Hindi literature but his 'Awara Masiha' alone is capable of retaining his memory in people's mind for centuries to come.

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