Monday, 27 April 2009

Novelty in postures of protest

Modernization being in full swing there are new methods for every thing including modus operandi on protests. Showing shoes or throwing them on the face of the target dates back to olden days but then it was more symbolic than real as against now when the practice is gaining much popularity and is getting rampant every where without any discrimination in selecting the target. Be it a VVIP, VIP, Celebrity or any one for that purpose all are targeted in a common order with the only difference that a commoner slapped with shoes in the street elicits no coverage in the media channels as against the dignitaries whose news spreads like a wild fire with media blasting it beyond proportions. After much talked about shoe was thrown on George Bush, the then President of America, at Baghdad, looks like it set a pattern for the protesters as most convenient a method to express resentment. In India it was tried on P.Chidambaram, the Home Minister of the country in his press conference by a journalist followed by similar attempt against Navin Jindal, a Member of Parliament. As if this was not the end of it, a chappal was thrown aiming L.K. Advani, the ex Home Minister and leader of opposition in Parliament. Yet again this was followed by hurling a shoe against Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, in Ahmedabad. All the attackers pardoned by their victims, they could well realize that their move was safe and problem free plus getting noticed sumptuously every where. Naturally such a device of protest is likely to grow more popular in days to come as in no way it causes any harm to the mischief mongers and they go scotch free. It is a mystery as to what security men were doing during all these incidents. Is it not that there could be a lethal weapon or a rocket used in place of a shoe and what an amount of a colossal damage might have been caused with the security forces watching it all in a comfort.

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