Sunday, 19 April 2009

Is online operation really relevantly instant ?

Online operation is tempting, look as it does instantaneous, and the one operating a computer feels as if the entire world is under his feet. So alluring it is on the surface that persons can't help realizing their dreams coming true. Most often it is found to be a mirage as things are just different in physical terms. There is nothing to blame the very mechanism as the tricks are played by those who know no limit to exploit it. Take banks for instance who get never tired of flashing their ads on different products and service. They say it is now a matter of just few minutes to transfer funds not only from one branch to another in the same bank but from any bank to any bank.The allurement is sans practice and when tried it is found that the task is too cumbersome a job and applying clicks after clicks going from page to page where the customers ultimately land is to personally contact the relative branch/bank and there it comes to days and weeks for their request to materialize or receiving a final 'no'. The anomaly equally holds good in the matters of demat accounts for share trading. A trader comes across some instant opportunity, needs funds for the purpose obviously on an urgent footing and presuming that his funds with the identified bank can forthwith be transferred for the purpose, he/she clicks the fund transfer area on the site only to elicit a prompt message that the request is accepted and that it may materialise within next 2-3 working days by which time the very opportunity is lost.

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