Monday, 27 April 2009

Resorting to alternatives

Taking situations on their face value is a normal tendency for any person remaining ignorant of the modifications that may work as an alternative. Situations as they occur are hardly within any control as they emerge from a phenomenon which is altogether natural and it is the Nature that causes them, monitors them and eliminates them too. You have to cross a turbulent river and get back with the fear of getting drowned without making any least possible attempt to go to a spot where boats are available. No thought occurs that one should know swimming as such eventualities may occur in one's life any time. There are still villages in remote areas where on delivery of a letter or some kind of any written communication the women folk rush to some nearby acquaintance to read it out to them but they hardly think of acquiring atleast some minimum possible literacy to overcome the hardship when it is there the next time. Call it lethargy or by any other name, the life in the case of persons with such a tendency causes boredom and gets stagnated to the point of monotony, a factor highly prone to bringing miseries which only get multiplied with the passage of time. Miseries so cropping up are nothing but man made only which otherwise can be taken care of simply by applying a small amount of will to work, take some initiative, move just a step further mildly straining the mental nerves to pursue that there is always a better alternative available to any instant situation.

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