Friday, 17 April 2009

Is the current trend of Sensex statabilised?

It allures, it hoodwinks, it causes chagrin and that is how Sensex behaves. There are giants of expertise in the share market who are available to come out with any amount of predictions but factually there is none, infact there can't be any, who can be tangibly specific. The will say the market has to go a high side, some shares have a better chance, some are to fail in their performance and may be nothing moves as the market has to go volatile. What else is the share market, these routine characteristics only. Predictions are more of a riddle than a positive foretelling. What is better for traders in shares is to have individual study based on what is happening globally and also locally in the market, derive their own view to set their final target always prepared for a negative result instead of taking it for granted that they shall be only gainers. Certain studies are there like the one CNI Research Ltd. who have come to a conclusion after a large scale survey of share market related data that Sensex is likely to reach 14500 with Nifty at 4367 within next one year. This again is subject to lot many upheavals which are always so common in the market but the study certainly is worth so far as the share trading planning is concerned.

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