Friday, 1 May 2009

Owning a fire arm

No dearth of fire arm owners as they are there in plenty with necessary licence or without it. Why they are required? Is it genuinely for a validly justified reason or just as a matter of fancy? Security is the reason quoted by all when they apply for a gun, pistol, revolver or rifle. More than security it is infact a status symbol and a tool of grandeur to impress, or say terrorise, others. My grand father had a rifle besides a 12 bore gun and those days lot of people came to him with curiosity to see the two items with an expression of awe as if they were something so rare as they actually were that time. There was a rule that if security reasons so demanded in the case of any individual any where in the locality, one who held a fire arm licence was supposed to rush to his rescue and that way my grand father was a great rescuer to lot of people. The very presence or a mere show of a fire arm on the scene used to be enough to scare away the looters, the dacoits or others attacking the innocent men and women. The privilege like many other things is no more confined to a few and the fire arms are now nearly as common as mobile phones. Those who can't manage a licence or can't afford it cost wise have no problem in acquiring desi  arms at a low price from lot many local unauthorized dealers who feel fully free to carry their trade in an unfettered manner alarmingly compatible as it is with the weak law and order situation in the country.

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