Monday, 4 May 2009

Knowledge shared enriches it further

You know some thing and impart it by sharing the same with others, your knowledge multiplies. Blogging is most important an area for the purpose. You write some thing, it is read by others and there are readers who give their reactions by way of their comments on your post. As it occurs many a times, these comments contain more of information than even what your post gives. Comments so given elicit further reactions from other readers who again give lot of information on the topic of your post and this way the cycle goes on with the result that you yourself get so enriched on the very subject of yours chosen by you as a topic for a writeup. My topics include medical areas covering ailments like diabetes besides fitness and general health. What I have found as a nice experience for myself is that my commentators very often supplement and even supplant my own information on the subject in much richer a way which resultantly forms a sound knowledge base for me. I certainly owe my sincere thanks to my commentators including my critics.

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