Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Hoarding money

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In olden days money was more hoarded than spent and the system used for the purpose was to dig a large hole somewhere in the house, keep the bag of money (those days only coins and no question of currency notes) inside and close it with a mud flooring. Money was considered safe there although there were many who used the spot as their bed with a mat stretched on the site. They used to sleep there themselves as a measure of additional security. Now there are banks in plenty every where to take care of peoples money offering some interest too which was out of question in the case of hoarded coins. No such hoarding now but tendency on that count is still reflected in banks applying delaying tactics in making payments to the customers for the reason that more the delay more the benefit to them in the form of money being used for lending on a high rate of interest averaging delays in transit durations. In modern language it is a strategic mode of operating money but the very origin of this tendency lies in what was called hoarding in old days.

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