Saturday, 2 May 2009

To be honest to writing a blog post

Uniqueness and originality are the essential requisites, as opportunity givers prescribe in elaborate terms, for writing a post on a blog. Measured in strict terms, both uniqueness and originality in their chaste form are hardly possible to practice as whatever the theme of a particular topic is selected for a write up necessarily has its roots some where or the other. The great poet Mirza Ghalib had much of a semblance in his writings of what another great writer Firdausi penned in his works on face of the fact that both of them had no reason to know each other due to generation gap. The problem is common for all the writers when they pick up a topic out of current events and no event has any solitary point of exposure after it occurs. After an event occurs its description varies from writer to writer making it impossible for all of them to stick to an uniform expression and there the element of originality is bound to split in different dimensions. Prescription for uniqueness and originality thus can't at all be adhered to howsoever best a writer tries to be honest.

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