Friday, 15 May 2009

Cycle of soaring prices affects employees more

There is some point  some where for prices to rise and then the cycle goes on to cover many an areas reaching a stage where all are affected. Dealer in food stuff for cattle raises its cost and the milk man inflates his rate for milk with immediate effect. Milk man's raising the price makes the dealers in sweets raise their rates in a big measure as market has the culture of increasing costs not on a point to point basis, they add their own extras. These examples apart, the situation applies to all markets as a whole. The one category that feels handicapped in getting compensated cost wise is that of the employees both in public sector and private sector. There the culture of giving them necessary relief, that too only in a frugal measure, is after several months and they can't raise their emoluments just like a milk man does or the shop keepers do. They are a lot who suffer most when cycle of price rise starts to continue for no definite a period.

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