Friday, 8 May 2009

Why law is allowed to be blind ?

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We are told that the Law is blind possibly for the reason that judgement givers are not supposed to deliver their verdicts based on sentiments but in strict adherence to the very frame of rules. Does it mean that the justice perceived at social level has no room to get accommodated? A recent case is that of a woman, Narayani by name, who unfortunately became a widow within three months of her marriage was dragged out of home and abandoned by her inlaws immediately after death of her husband after which she had no option but to take shelter with her parents. Her parents took care of her, saw to it that she was given proper education and that they also managed her employment on a good salary. After serving her employment for quite some time she died leaving considerable amount of her savings besides provident fund. The Hon'ble court delivered their judgement in favour of the inlaws of the woman placing both the savings and the provident fund at their disposal depriving the parents of the same. What a law? The family that took care of the woman spending lot of amount on her and her education was no consideration for the Court, they rather found it more legal to extend the advantage of her savings and superannuation benefits to her inlaws who callously threw her out of the house. Looks like they are rewarded by the Law for their misdeed.

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