Monday, 25 May 2009

From human to human

Life differs from human to human and so does their style of living. Persons placed in comfortable positions hardly bother about the problems others might be facing. A friend of mine who was posted on an election duty last month is not tired of narrating her experience during her stay at a village polling booth. There were no basic amenities available there, no toilet, no eatables, even no water to drink. She was cursing the administration who posted her there claiming that she being a lady should have been spared from the task. Why sparing ladies when there is so much of a cry on their seeking right of equality with men was my question to her. I asked her as to why she is forgetting that the place which she was talking about was not the one without men, women, children living there for ages undergoing all sorts of hardships in the absence of basic amenities. How come, I asked her, that they are the people living there with their families with such a difficult mode of life for generations and you look to be the one who found spending even a few hours so tortuous. If those leading a comfortable life style start thinking even a bit about those who are living in difficult situations they may have no reasons to grumble for themselves.

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