Wednesday, 20 May 2009

This too could be a bias only

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The new government in India is in the offing with the new Prime Minister and his ministers to be sworn in within a day or so. Lobbying at a large scale is already going on and the candidates aspiring to get some berth as a minister or so are leaving no stone unturned to see that they are in. There is a cry that youths are to be given a top priority in joining the cabinet. Why youths? Those who join the government are supposed to be competent, honest and above board in all respects, they are young or old is not that material. Infact this stunt is again with the hidden agenda that a person or a group of persons be accommodated on this pretext. This looks like some one pleading his/ her case on the basis of some caste or some creed. The functionaries must be physical fit to discharge their responsibilities and this is not correct to conclude that only youths can be efficient. Suppose there is a mafia interested in a ministerial berth and he is quite young, is it prudent to take him in simply because he is a youth. Capability, competence and efficiency are not exclusively related to young ones only, they are very much there in the case of others too.

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