Sunday, 24 May 2009

Why special train for Railway Minister ?

I am not aware of as to what is the practice on this count elsewhere in the world but as it is seen in India there is always a special train for Railway Minister to take him to his home town or wherever else he opts to go. Now that Mamta Banerjee, the fire brand leader of Trinmul Congress in Kolkata, is taking over charge as a Minister Incharge of the railways in India and if she too follows the pattern that obtained in her predecessor Lallu Yadava's time and even before that, she too may require not simply a berth or a coupe but a full train consisting of several bogies transporting bogey of her supporters alongwith her family members from one place to the other. Why such a wastage? Mamta Banerjee has otherwise an image of a down to earth person leading a moderately simple life style but there is no instance till now when any Rail Minister might have refused to enjoy such a wasteful arrangement. If Mamta Banerjee can afford to be an exception, this may set an ideal for many.

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