Saturday, 2 May 2009

Drawing inspiration from brevity masters

I suffer from a feeling that no expression is complete unless a desired justice is done to its elaboration. Then the question arises as to what extent a point is to be elaborated, elaboration in its entirety or with an element of preciseness and this confusion finally lands me to a full length writeup on the subject which after all is a cumbersome task. I have come across certain posts in some blogs where the expression is confined just to a few lines to make the article complete. I too feel like falling in line with this type of writers to get rid of too lengthy a coverage on a topic. Topics till now covered by me have been around 300 words on an average and, if I draw an inspiration from the writers who are brief to the extent of barely a few words, it may serve the purpose if I too confine myself to a length of say within 100 words and here begins my new experiment without ofcourse knowing how my opportunity providers will take it. May be I am taking a risk.

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