Thursday, 14 May 2009

Why so much of fuss mongering in share market

Elections in India are over and final results are to come out on the 16th of this month by which time whatever are the speculations now shall take a tangible shape. Natural it is for all walks of life from markets to household to feel concerned as to what happens after the new government takes over but share market is the one that feels a lot of panic on this count and they are going highly panicky as if a doom is to occur. Let it be any government, economy and developmental activities are but to remain their concern and that being the basic factor for any country they just can't afford to switch over to any altogether new modes of change. The usual factors like market scenario in America, U.K. and Asia which dominate the major plus and minus levels all over the world, they will continue doing as such even in days to come coupled with what happens in India even after change of guards, situation in share market is not supposed to undergo any unusual upheaval and the amount of suspense, anxiety and fluctuations are in every likelihood is to remain as it obtains now.

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