Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A date for public mandate in India

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The turn of the electorate in India comes once in five years and it is entirely their day to act as masters for the destiny of the country, it is they who determine as to who could be their leader(s) to form the government and be the ruler. Compared to the past this time there is much awareness seen in the public and the chances are that they might have voted or may vote now (today being the last day for the purpose) quite wisely and in more dispassionate a manner without getting swayed by the tantrums and the dramatizing tactics applied on them by the contestants. They look wise enough to dexterously select their candidates to finally elect them as their leaders. Their verdict is to assume a tangible shape on 16th of this month when what is in the offing currently is to be visible in physical terms. One can only hope for the better.

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