Saturday, 23 May 2009

Bikes at cheaper rates

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After Tata launched Nano which was a revolution in moderately rated four wheelers and it accelerated the competition element amongst auto dealers who started preparing themselves to bring out still much cheaper a vehicle. There is however nothing new in the market till now except ofcourse Nano which has yet to see the roads. New focus is generated on low cost two wheelers with Bajaj Auto coming out with a motorbike in the range of Rs. 20000/ to 24000/. This is a 125cc bike with its production starting in China whereafter it will start in India. The plan of Bajaj Auto is to come out with yet another version of the vehicle priced in the range of 17000/ to 20000/ making it possible for the people in lower income range to go for a two wheeler which presently they are not able to afford cost wise.

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