Friday, 18 December 2009

Relevance of contents in a post

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It is for years that I have been writing blog posts yet it appears I am a novice in the field and have to go a long way to claim dexterity in the job. Once one of my hosts gave a remark in the context of a site of mine that the contents didn't suit to their scheme of things. Strange! I pickup a topic, study it, trace and find out the material to support it before I finally draft out my post. I do surfing of several posts from approved sites where I find that they are just two liners. Some one says her mother was sick and she took her to doctor, and the other one comes out with the remark that he was feeling bored and for that reason he chose to go for a movie and yet some one says that he was feeling morose as his friend did not contact him for a long time. If these instances are capable of making out a full length post why a hell I should bother for working hard to make my write up a complete post. I feel like falling in line with such people instead of doing hard labour in a committed order.

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